• Lucidity Eudaemonia

    Lucidity Eudaemonia

    Will be showing at Branches Mobile Gallery for Lucidity's last year in California...
    Bittersweet celebration. Come find me <3


  • Third Space Showing at the Pence!

    Third Space Showing at the Pence!

    Myself and a wonderful collection of other artists from Third Space Art Collective are showing at the Pence!
    Come for the grand opening of Art after Dark on April 7th, from 7-10pm.


  • 20/20 Show at Kennedy Gallery

    20/20 Show at Kennedy Gallery

    Just found out I will be one of the 20 at the infamous 20/20 show at Kennedy Gallery!
    Honored and excited to have been selected!
    Going to create 20 abstracts, pictures and more to come soon <3


  • February Art Show At Apothic Heart

    February Art Show At Apothic Heart

    Showing with some of Sacramentos talent at Apothic Heart Gallery again!
    Find myself and many other wonderful artist there through March.
    Great collection and people at this show <3


  • Painting at The Art of Beer

    Painting at The Art of Beer

    Partnering up with Moonraker Brewery to do some live painting as well as donating some art to a good cause!
    Awesome people putting on this event <3


  • Gem and Jam 2017

    Gem and Jam 2017

    Super excited to have been invited to live paint and showcase at Gem and Jam 2017!
    Have heard many wonderful things about this festival. Catch me showing with many other talented artists through the Tribe13 Gallery.


  • Gallery 25N Opening

    Gallery 25N Opening

    Recently got selected for an international online art competition/showing!
    Gallery 25N opens tomorrow December 7th, with some pretty rad artists from all over the world.
    You can check it out here:


    Fingers crossed it catches some eyes and maybe, just maybe, I get first place! Trying not to get my hopes up!

  • Black Hammer Reception

    Black Hammer Reception

    So grateful for all the love and support I received at the reception for my recent solo show at Black Hammer in San Francisco.
    Many thanks to everyone who came out and all the people supporting me!



    Halloween painting part II.
    Come check out Still Dreams Strange and Unusual Event, featuring Ankle Pants and the Klown!
    Find me covered in fur painting in the corner <3

  • Apothic Heart Gallery

    Apothic Heart Gallery

    Catch my work at the Apothic Heart Gallery Grand Opening at 5770 Broadway, Sacramento CA!

    Great group of guys who have created a beautiful space.


  • City of Trees Art and Ink Expo

    City of Trees Art and Ink Expo

    Ill be showing at the City of Trees Art and Ink Expo from October 14th to 16th!

    Lots of rad Art and incredible Tattoo Artists collaborating to create this event! Sacramento first Tattoo Expo in over 4 years!


  • Spooked!


    So happy some of this culture is finally being brought to my current residence!
    Come find me painting and showing this year at The Odd Fellows Hall, at SPOOKED


  • Still Dream 2016

    Still Dream 2016

    My original festival, and still one of my favorites!
    Hard to believe its been over 4 years since I attended it for the first time.

    Catch me live painting and showing this year, come be my friend! <3


  • Enchanted Forest 2016

    Enchanted Forest 2016

    Ill be live painting and collaborating with some amazing artists at Enchanted Forest Gathering this year!

    Myself, Ashley Foreman, Mark Henson, Gabriel Welch and Derek Heinemann will be collaborating next to Branches Gallery to create a beautiful mural over the course of the festival.


  • Sonic Bloom 2016

    Sonic Bloom 2016

    Making a long beautiful journey across several states to show and live Paint at SONIC BLOOM 2016.

    Ive heard so many incredible things about this festival and I'm so grateful to have been asked to be a part of it!


  • Heart and Solstice

    Heart and Solstice

    Come gather for a weekend filled with music art and community.

    Close to home, so excited to breath some mountain air and paint without my shoes on <3


  • Lucidity Crossroads

    Lucidity Crossroads

    Have heard so many wonderful things about this festival and am honored to finally be a part of it.

    Catch me live painting next to the main stage and showing at Branches Mobile Gallery!


  • Got a news page <3

    Got a news page <3

    Finally got a news page! Stay posted to hear about upcoming events <3
    Thanks to everyone for all the support,
    my art is nothing without you.